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I’ve noticed that I’ve been losing fewer hairs when in the shower. As soon as the menopause kicked in my hair started coming out, but the Collagen+ elixir seems to have really reduced that.
Lizzy T.
I’m really starting to notice a difference in my skin. I normally get red dry skin around my mouth in winter but I’ve hardly had any this year.
Nicola P.
Normally my rosacea flares up in the winter but I've not had anything, my skin feels lovely and hydrated
Theresa B.
After using Collagen+ to help clear my skin, my biggest fear was going through my next period in case it brought an influx of new spots but nope! Literally had two and they were tiny. I’m absolutely over the moon! My nails have grown lots too!!
Charlie P.
My skin is definitely improved and digestion. I also had knee joint issues but I’ve not felt it as much since taking Collagen+
Charlotte M.
At least twice over the Christmas period my hubby said that my skin was looking clearer and brighter and that I had more of a glow!
Kate M.
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